Playoffs Pick 'Em

Wildcard Club

$5,000 Pro Football Playoffs Pick ’Em

Dates: Every week during the Playoffs   – Enter beginning January 2nd!

Pick ‘em slips will be available for each week beginning on Tuesdays at 10:00am and due back returned by Fridays at 6:00pm. The Super Game Pick ‘em will be available beginning on Tuesday, January 30th and due back by Friday, February 2nd.

*Available January 2nd  thru January 5th for Wildcard Playoffs played January 6th and 7th *Available January 9th thru January 12th  Divisional Games played January 13th and 14th *Available January 16th thru 19th – AFC and NFC Championship games on January 22st *Available January 30th  thru Friday, Feb 2nd for The Super Game on Feb. 4th.

Best aggregate or overall score for all weeks from the playoffs and The Super Game (Super Bowl).

Wildcard games: 1 points offered/Divisional games: 2 points offered/Championship games 3 points offered/Super Bowl 4 Points offered for a correct pick on a/the game.

No purchase necessary.  Wildcard Club Members can enter our $5,000 Pro Football Playoffs Pick’ Em game each week during the playoffs. One per person per week. Pick ‘em slips must be returned in person.  $1,000.00 will be awarded each week.  Plus $1,000 will be awarded to the participant with the best aggregate score (Most Points) for all the playoffs and the Super Bowl.  A Tie Breaker will be used each week and during the Super Game.  In case of any final ties on the scores and the tiebreaker, the Winners will spit the weekly or aggregate score of $1,000.00 prize money.



Wild Card Week: Carla Washington – all 4 games 4 pts / TB 46

Divisional Round: Warren Lueck – all 4 games 8pts/ TB 51

Conference Round: