$25,000 Pro Football Pick 'Em

Every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Wildcard Club

The Point’s $25,000 Pro Football Pick ’Em

Every week during the Pro Football Season

Available at the Wildcard Club for each week during the football season beginning at 10:00am on Sundays, Must be returned on Thursdays by 1:00pm at the Wildcard Club. (Week 12 by 10am) No purchase necessary but must be a Wildcard Club member to enter.

Wildcard Club Members can enter our Pro Football Pick’ Em game each week and play to win a $1,000.00 weekly cash prize. One weekly entry per person. One (1) point per game correctly picked.

A $1,000 Prize will be awarded each week to the winner with the most points.  There is a total of 17 weeks during the season.  A weekly tie breaker will be used to determine the weekly winner. The tie-breaker will be total points scored in the Monday Night game, closest total without going over.  If no under score tie-breaker is available, then closest score. The final week of the season will be the last Sunday Night game.  In case of final ties, prize will be split.

A total of $8,000.00 will be awarded at the end of season based on total points earned.  Prizes are 1st thru 4th place.  1st place wins $5,000.00.  2nd Place wins $1,500.00.  3rd Place wins $1,000.00 and 4th place wins $500.00.  Any end of season ties split prizes. (So if two players are tied for 1st. They will split 1st and 2nd place prize money).

Weekly Winners

Week 1: Jennifer K. 12 pts TB 42

Week 2: Joseph S. 14 pts TB 35

Week 3: DJ Sullivan 12pts, TB 42

Week 4: Amiel Guerrero 14 pts, TB 43

Week 5: John Spencer 11pts, TB 33

Week 6: Bonita H. 11pts, 28 TB

Week 7: Mark W. 15 pts

Week 8: Kevin Frank and Ralph Gorstine 13pts and TB 45

Week 9: David Lord, 12 points

Week 10: Benjamin Ives, 14 points